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At most financial intuitions if you need to open a retirement account or start a college fund for your child, or if you need to do some financial planning for yourself or planning for your business, or if you need funding for your business you will need to talk to about 5 to 7 different people. It is very difficult to build a relationship with an advisor if you have 5 to 7 of them. At Charles Edward our partners and associates can advise you on your financial planning, and business financing needs. So you get ONE knowledgeable advisor not 5 to 7 advisors that can only help you with one service. We know and understand your situation. From buying a home to saving for your children's college fund to saving for retirement. Funding for your business to tax protection, we know and understand where you want to go. We have accounts and plans that helps our client protect their assets and their savings. We have plans to save for retirement and college with downside protection unlike 401k, 403b, IRA and 459 plans. Post college planning to pay off student loans and business funding to help our clients grow their businesses. Our client's top concerns are keeping their retirement and collage savings safe from market loses, how to pay for college, how to pay off their student loans faster, how to save for retirement, how to get a mortgage, how to get an accepted offer to buy a home, ways to save money on their taxes, and paying off their student loans faster. We have solutions to our client's concerns.Click here to meet with us anytime to talk about what is on your mind.

Charles Edward on Banking:

Charles Edward does not charge an upfront fees to refinance a traditional mortgage unlike most other mortgage companies. We think that you don't have to pay money to get a lower rate on your mortgage. No credit report and no appraisal fees. Learn More. Some restrictions apply.

Charles Edward On Planning:

Providing financial plans with downside protection so clients don't lose the money they worked so hard to save. Giving everyone the affordable healthcare they need. Click here for more details about our private healthcare exchange and how to plan with downside protection.

Charles Edward on Business​:

Getting businesses working capital loan lines of credit when banks say no. Providing stated commercial mortgages for investors. Equipment financing for start up businesses.
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